A covid Virus disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. The first case of CVovid-19 in India which originated from China was reported during the year 2020.

Covid 19 induced market instability and lock down, which results in Unemployment, collapse of Tourism, Industry, and Hospitality Industry also reduced consumer activity which results in a decrease in Government Income.

A traditional way of buying has been replaced by online shopping which allows people to buy items from a seller via Internet. In the retail market, e-commerce made a powerful impact because of its dominant role results in leading the disruptive impact of the Industry mainly in Price flexibility and uniform pricing in the traditional way of selling.

The Pandemic has suspended business across the world. But good for the e-commerce industry. The lockdown boosted online sales. Consumers are increasingly shifting towards online shopping. They have been seriously looking for the major players in Online selling which allows consumers to directly buy goods from a seller over the internet using a website. People switched over to major players in E-commerce because of quality products, timely delivery, best pricing, etc.

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